File Without Fear

Are you behind on your taxes? Have you not filed in a few years? I have often found myself providing tax preparation services for individuals who have not filed in several years. When I inquire as to reasons for not filing the answer often relates to fear. One of the greatest life lessons learned during my short time on this earth is that problems are always bigger in your head than in reality – that includes taxes. Just do it. Trust me the amount you owe does not get smaller, it only grows with interest and fees. At least if you go ahead and file you can schedule a payment arrangement. Believe it or not, the IRS is very reasonable when making payment arrangements, especially when working with enrolled agents who know the system.
Just a quick note you can only electronically file returns for the past three years; anything longer must be sent through elf mail. So, pull all your documentation together to take to your tax professional and they should take it from there. Can’t find any documentation, contact your tax professional they should be able to give you directive on your next steps. You can do this. NO TAX FEAR!