Multitasking: The Silent Killer

You’ve launched your business, made these big plans but you feel as if you just can’t keep up with all the tasks, projects, ideas, opportunities, rules, and regulations.  There is just absolutely too much going on; there are tasks that need to be performed that you don’t even know exist.  Who’s covering the marketing functions, better yet have you established a marketing strategy?  Who’s covering the operations, have you identified the best way to service your clients by creating a win-win situation for the both of you?  What is the order of your operations?  Who’s managing your technology, have you identified ways to automate your business processes?  Most importantly have you established a financial system to account for transactions as they occur?  How long are you going to have a “shoebox” business?  You have a real business now and it’s time to start treating it like a business instead of just offering a product or service lacking strategic planning.

Multitasking has become so overrated and is a silent killer of entrepreneurial dreams.  You don’t have to be “Ms. Independent” nor do you have to be “Mr. I Got This” because truth be told, you don’t and you could use some support.  Time to boss up by teaming up.  Can you start with building a team with six additional people and you be number 7 – that looks like completion to me – perfect.  So how do you build a team and what role does each person play? Time to create a visual picture for how real business growth takes place. Time to eliminate the ideology that you’re working alone.  Many of the greatest started with a team, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Gladys Knight, even Beyonce’ started off in a girl group.  Oprah had Gail, you don’t think Gail has been a consistent part of the Harpo Productions.  Find someone to grow with.