The Perfect Team

You’ve made the decision not to go at business alone and connect with others of a common core which means you now see the importance of team but what does that team look like?  How many people do you need, what roles do they serve? One thing for sure is that each person on your team should reflect you in some way.  Let’s look at it.

Your Heart – Imagine yourself vertically suspended in air. The person to your right is a creative soul, whether it be a friend who makes pretty plates when they cook or is always styled with their own unique sense of fashion or you may even be blessed enough to know someone who professionally specializes in branding or marketing.

Your Brain – Now the person to your left is analytical, their good with numbers, asks a lot of questions, great with technology, this person sometimes makes you second guess yourself but often times gives you a since of peace because of new gained understanding that you can use for the future, this person is your accounting mate.

Your Pusher – Who motivates when you just can’t seem to get over the hump, when you’re having your pity party because things are just too hard, that person has your back and won’t let you fail; now place that person behind you, this person is your silent partner who supports you out of shear love.

Your Mentor – Even the strongest leaders follow somebody, pick someone who has walked in your shoes, they may have a different style be in a different profession but they have succeeded, watch them, find out what they studied, where they trained who they follow – real winners are willing to share the blueprint that is how you can tell who is winning and who is not, yes they stand in front of you – R&D.

Your Operator – Everyone needs someone to assist them, get the orders out, work late nights, answer the phones, perform they tedious time consuming duties that will save you time – operations.

Your Coach – Where does your covering come from who reigns above you, who guides you in defining your purpose, who do you answer to? It rightly so may be God above but practically speaking connect with a coach who understands business in general – Accountability/Strategic Planning.

You + Business – There you are smack dab in the middle. Time to boss up and team up.

Now it’s time for Premier Action: have dinner and share with your professional circle how they can help you but also find out how you can help them.  Their success may very well create yours.  If you don’t have a circle, get out and NETWORK.  Identify how everyone’s strengths can help you grow and at what price which may be much less than you think.  You’ve been attempting to create the plan for growth, connect with potential clients, perform your business obligations, and keep the books.  You have subconsciously convinced yourself that you cannot afford to hire support because you have not made the big bucks which really boils down to you haven’t produced enough to cover additional expenses.  With a new team, you can think less about cost and more about creating income. You’re on your way from Entrepreneur to Business.