Management Consulting

PT&A management consulting services help clients identify the necessary steps to bring their business ideas to life and beyond and provide hands on guidance through the process.

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

PT&A accounting and bookkeeping services provide clients the financial expertise necessary to properly record past transactions, account for current activity, and plan for future.

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Tax Services

PT&A tax services provide clients integrity driven tax preparation, planning, and negotiation support backed by educational knowledge to meet tax guidelines.

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Our Message

Premier Taxes & Accounting serves as a guide in business beginning with consulting in areas of formation and development to on-going bookkeeping and accounting services and then tax preparation and planning but PT&A didn’t stop there because CEO, De’Shonda Lucas believed it her purpose to guide others into complete financial fitness by beginning to offer investments services beginning Spring 2017.

Our services are delivered with a passion and strong business acumen.  PT&A is not limited to a specific industry but works with individuals and entrepreneurs from ALL areas because we really do understand people and business.   There is also great pleasure in working with individuals and families to get their personal finances on the right track.  We are known for being able to take a conversation about passion to strategically develop a plan for business.

Premier has served as a state contract accountant responsible for the reconciliation for over $100 million of projects, an approved federal contractor, inventory specialist for non-profits, accountant for law firms, travel agents, dance instructor, and truck drivers as well as business consultant in the apparel, beauty, children’s books, media, non-profit, travel, and work with community groups involved in voter registration, youth organizations, and homelessness.


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Click to Download Free E-Book

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